Meet the Boss

"There definitely has been a shift in culture since I played Rugby League at a professional level. 

         Club management should look for the type of footballer to build a better culture around. They must look for people with good leadership ability, good training ethic, and most of all good behaviour off the field. I am determined to ingrain this into Professional Sport Culture.”


Tyran Smith, Director, SPM.


Personalised Management and a Quality Crop

It's what we know.

Talent is what you are born with, but to make your way through the professional sport maze and reach the top, the right guidance is a must. This is what we offer. You have to be mentally strong and firmly understand how to make the right choices.


Everybody wants to play in the NRL or SUPER RUGBY, but the key to getting there is being in the right place at crucial times. That’s our strategy for our clients. We pride ourselves in our ability to create strategic steps toward guiding our clients to be key players, which clubs need and want!


We have implemented this and it has been the fundamental key to making our clients so successful.