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How to Find that Extra ONE PERCENT!

1. Know your strengths and your weaknesses.

Firstly you need to know how to identify them. Actually, I believe to have the best objective view of yourself, you need to ask someone else. That someone should be someone in the know, whom you trust will be honest with you. A person who has an insight into where you are positioned in your capabilities. 

It could be your coach or a trainer.

A question you could ask your coach, "hey coach, can you help me break down my game into my strengths and weaknesses? What can I improve on and what did I do well? "

You need to find out:

- Strengths; because you have to know what you are good at, so you can continue to improve and build on those areas to master that skill. 

- Weaknesses; because you will spend equal time on working on developing these skills. 

2. Do extras.

Identify your targets.

Start with where you want to be, picture the peak and then work backwards until you get to the place you are at now.

For an example, if you want to get stronger; as in lift heavier - then you identify the target you want to achieve, if it's bench press and you want to bench press 150kg, and you are currently bench pressing 110kg, then you will identify the various bench pressing exercises like bar bells, dumbbells, incline, decline and work out and outline the specific programme you will follow to reach your 150kg goal and how long it will take. 

A fitness example, the Wayne Bennett test 20|40|60: know the time you want to hit, ie 4.45 minutes and if you are currently doing it in 5.20 minutes; then create a training programme to increase fitness levels, under time restraints. 

You will eventually get closer to your targets.

3. Mimic the best.

Fill your mind with information that will help you grow. Your life will head in the direction of your mind. 

Follow people who are the best at what they do. We live in a wonderful time, where we have access to the very best elite athletes on social media. Many athletes, run most of their own social media and speak out candidly through many platforms. This can enable us to get an insight and pinpoint their point of difference, what makes them tick and motivates them to be the best. This is a good place to start, it's a way of surrounding yourself with the things that you inevitably want to be.

Watch footage of athletes who are setting the bench mark in their chosen arena. Watch it through different eyes, not as a spectator but as a student. Study the steps, break it down and learn it.

Read positive and motivational books, or if you're not a reader, listen to podcasts or watch youtube videos from people who have been able to get the best out of others. Like Anthony Robbins and Gary V. 

4. Believe in yourself. 

Once you understand this process of finding that extra one percent, the belief in yourself will be the petrol that is the driving force to get you to that magic place.

This is something that can't be taught.

Here's the KEY!!! It comes from an action.

Begin to to do the first 3 steps and this BELIEF will grow from inside you, once you take the first step. 

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